About Speedglobal Telecom Network Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 2017 SpeedGlobal Telecom Network Pvt. Ltd. has been serving plenty of corporate & adding more to its list.
SpeedGlobal Telecom Network Pvt. Ltd. holds an ISP license and is successfully executing projects across the country, with its corporate office in Mumbai.
The company has grown multifold within a very short period of time. Today, SpeedGlobal Telecom Network Pvt. Ltd. is among the leading ISPs & has over 1,000 unique clients in different business sectors.

SpeedGlobal Telecom Network Pvt. Ltd has state of art Internet Data Center facilities in 6 cities. These data centers are built using the world's best technologies and are equipped with security, monitoring and management systems of highest standard to adequately support mission critical customer applications.

Commitment to Quality & Support

SGTNPL leased line services are backed by 24-hr 365 days support. A team of expert advisors is available around the clock every single day to answer your queries and speed the resolution of any faults.

Bandwidth Options

A range of bandwidth options is available so you can select exactly the capacity of connection that your business needs. Choose digital access in multiples of 2 Mbps.

Network Reliability

Our network has been designed with resilience in mind .A Fibre optic backbone ensures that if a route is faulty or has failed; it will search out another and send data in the alternate route. Because there is no single point of failure on the backbone, you can trust the SGTNPL's networks with all your mission critical data.

Our Organization's branches are connected in a mesh topology using leased line, which takes care of any link failure. Incase any link connecting fails, the other high-end digital link takes up the load and the traffic gets routed through that link.

Back Bone Utilization

SGTNPL monitors the bandwidth utilization for each link in the Internet backbone network, with the objective of determining the necessary bandwidth to maintain service quality.

Billing Options

The customers have Flexible billing options available to them. The customer can make a flat payment or quarterly payments depending upon the speed of the circuit and distance between the end points.


Provides your organization with Internet privacy and control benefits.

Requirement and solution

1. Bandwidth will be provided to you along with google paring

2. Software will be Provided from our Side

3. Static IP Will be provided as per requirement

4. Technical Support 24x7x365days. Escalation Matrix will be provided.