We are part of SRK NETWORK - SPEEDMAX NETWORK is one of the major players in providing dedicated internet bandwidth services. SpeedMaxnetwork connected to the underground internet backbone through multiple optical fiber connections in Mumbai. The network architecture is designed in such a way that it maintains the highest possible levels of quality and uptimes on a continuous basis. We are the largest and fastest Internet provider all over Mumbai giving our best services.


Leased Line

Speedglobal is a leading provider of leased line dedicated connections. We work with all the leading suppliers and provide best support to our customers, to secure the best pricing and service possible.


Broadband Services

broadband is wide bandwidth data transmission which transports multiple signals and traffic types. broadband is used to mean any high-speed Internet access that is always on and faster than dial-up.



FTTx technology plays an important part in providing higher bandwidth for global networks. According to different network architectures, FTTx is divided into FTTH, FTTN, FTTC, FTTB, FTTP, etc.


Peering Services

Peering is a process by which two Internet networks connect and exchange traffic. It allows them to directly hand off traffic between each other's customers, without having to pay a third party


Hotspot Services

Growing wireless data usage, popularity of social networks, online video and music platforms create a requirement of high speed and widely accessible hotspot services.


Business Enterprises

Internet access services are delivered across ISDN, leased-lines and wireless connections. We provide a point-to-point leased Internet to Business Enterprises

Customer Support

SGTNPL leased line services are backed by 24-hr 365 days support.
A team of expert advisors is available around the clock every single day to answer your queries and speed the resolution of any faults.

Dedicated Bandwidth Policy - 1.1

Speed Monthly Yearly
1 Mbps 3999 47988
2 Mbps 5999 71988
5Mbps 11999 143988
10Mbps 19999 239988
25Mbps 39999 479988
50Mbps 59999 719988
100Mbps 119999 1439988
One Static IP. Plus Service Tax Applicable.

Small Business Enterprise Bandwidth Policy - MIX

Speed Monthly Yearly
1 Mbps 1999 23988
2 Mbps 2999 35988
5Mbps 4999 59988
10Mbps 8999 107988
25Mbps 21249 254988
50Mbps 37499 449988
100Mbps 64999 779988
One Static IP 3000Rs. Plus Service tax as applicable

Mission Statement

"To be the preferred Internet based medium solutions provider delivering a full stream of value-added services to organizations and individuals alike"